Lodging – Meals – Transportation

The pilgrim on the Pine Cone Camino route will not find albergues and hostels conveniently located at the end of a day’s walk. Through-hikers can make use of commercial hotels and lodging located in Gardnerville, Genoa, Carson City, and Reno. The suggested itinerary Day 3 brings the walker to the northern end of Washoe Valley, where there are no services. On this day, a pre-arranged car shuttle would be needed to take the walker to lodging in Reno or Carson City, and return to the trail the following morning. Or, camp overnight at Davis Creek regional park.

Some stages will entail several hours of walking with no services on hand, so plan ahead each day for food and water, and pack what you need before embarking.

Commercial transportation from Reno to Gardnerville is available from the Reno airport. For daily transportation, walkers can inquire to Uber, or network with local friends.

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