Question: Where does the Camino begin?

Answer: It begins at your own front door.

The proven route connects Gardnerville, Nevada to Reno, Nevada in 63 miles of walking on city sidewalks, road shoulder, and dirt roads and trails. The route passes through pastureland, forest, and in front of the Nevada State Capitol in Carson City. You can walk either direction. The stages below are for a 5-day walk from Gardnerville northbound to Reno.

STAGE 1: Gardnerville to Genoa, 12 miles

  • Heritage Park in Gardnerville, go north along city streets to
  • Minden Gazebo Park, then follow County Road west to
  • Douglas High School and north on the shoulder of Hwy 395 to
  • Muller Lane, walk west to
  • Riverfork Ranch trail to
  • Nature Conservancy Whit Hall Center, then
  • west on Genoa Lane to Genoa

STAGE 2: Genoa to Carson City, 16 miles

  • in Genoa, head north on Foothill Road/Jack’s Valley Road and in 11 miles pass
  • Jack’s Valley Elementary School, then continue on to
  • Fuji Park, and emerge onto the
  • pedestrian path on the southbound side of US 395
  • continue north, crossing US 50 at the signal continue north to
  • Nevada State Capitol

STAGE 3: Carson City to Davis Creek Regional Park (Washoe Valley), 14 miles

  • Nevada State Capitol , head west on King Street then turn north on
  • Longview Way and merge into the
  • V&T Rail Trail and continue north, arriving at
  • Lakeview Hill pass, then head north along
  • Old US 395 road shoulder then turn west onto
  • Franktown Road
  • rejoin Old US 395 and continue north to
  • Davis Creek Regional Park

STAGE 4: Davis Creek Park to Mt. Rose Hwy/Callahan Rd, 11 miles, 1700′ elevation climb

  • from Davis Creek Park, head north on frontage road for 1 mile, then go west on
  • Forest Service Road 945, to connect to
  • Brown’s Creek Trail to
  • Joy Lake Road, and go east/downhill on Joy Lake Road to
  • fire station, then behind the fire station go north on
  • unnamed trail to Callahan Park, and walk on
  • Callahan Road to Mt. Rose Hwy

STAGE 5: Mt. Rose Hwy to Downtown Reno

  • At Mt. Rose Hwy, go north on Callahan Road to intersect
  • White Creek Trail, follow downstream to
  • Thomas Creek Parkway head north and navigate city streets to
  • Bartley Ranch Regional Park to
  • Lakeside Drive, walk north to
  • Virginia Lake Park, then navigate city streets north to
  • downtown Reno Truckee River

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