Great Day to begin a trek from Minden to Reno, NV

What a delight to meet up with 11 new companions on a 65 mile trek from Minden to Reno, NV on our Pine Cone Camino to Reno adventure.  We began the morning’s walk under a beautiful blue sky and an incredible view looking west to the snow-capped mountains that rise over Lake Tahoe.  We walked through lovely neighborhoods,  alongside cow pastures and down the edge of the East Carson River to the Nature Conservancy’s River Fork Ranch near Genoa, approximately 5 miles from our starting point.  While there we lounged while eating lunch and enjoyed a talk about the numerous restoration projects in the immediate flood plain. 

From there we continued another mile up the road to the delightful town of Genoa where we rested on the cool grass and appreciated a history talk about the Mormon Station State Historical Park.  Then the Genoa Bar and Saloon (the oldest bar in Nevada) beckoned us to come rest our feet and savor a cold beer under the shade of the trees.  From there most of the group continued on another three miles where vehicles were waiting to take everyone to a variety of accommodations.   

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